My First Vlog!

I've been waiting for so long to film a vlog and now I finally had the chance! Check it out guys! I apologize for the poor audio, though. :( Better videos coming soon! ♥

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The Not-So-Dark Side of the Moon

I consider myself as a night person. I like how it can be both peaceful and chaotic at the same time. Some people perceive the night as something scary and dangerous because this is when the 'monsters' of our society come out. Others perceive the night as something tranquil because this is the only time they can put their worn out minds to rest. 

The night can conjure a lot of things: dreams, nightmares, intoxication, a safe haven, and many more. It really depends on how you will look at it. It touches the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual points of every human being. For every day that the sun sets, we are given the chance to reflect and plan for the future.

So how do I understand the night? Here are five thoughts:

It teaches us to be still.

It's a catalyst for intimacy.

It brings out another side of humanity.

It serves as a preparation for something greater before the break of dawn.

It's our temporary freedom from the shackles of reality.



Independence Day has nothing to do with us Filipinos putting our patriotism on a pedestal. If there's one thing I don't like about Philippine holidays, it's the never ending propaganda. Filipinos will always want change. In fact we hunger for change to get the chance to be saved. But what's there to be saved, really? Before we protest things like "Save our Nation!", or "We want FREEDOM!", shouldn't we save ourselves first? We are so busy ranting, shouting, and fighting all for the wrong reasons. I don't know how long this battle of endless discontentment will run, but I will not waste my time watching people fight for the wrong cause. I don't want to wallow in the drama that people create in this downward spiral country we call our home. This is not the right path to go up.

Instead of spending the holiday near anything historical, I decided to unwrap a whole new meaning of freedom and independence my way.

RAYS OF HOPE. The highest form of freedom is getting to see the sun up in the sky, knowing that with a new day comes a new hope.

STRESS RELIEVER. Nothing can make me feel more independent than having to go to the marketplace early in the morning... and with 60% less people.

THE GREAT CIRCLE OF LIFE. I guess there's a universal law that states not everything can have its freedom the way they want it.

"NAKO, MASISIRA YUNG CAMERA!" When I asked her why she preferred to work on a holiday, she said, "Hindi ibebenta ng mga isda ko ang sarili nila. Kailangan nating kumita!"

Freedom goes hand in hand with strength. It works like a boulder that can withstand strong waves of different forces.

Just as the sun sets on the other side of the world, we are reminded that we all become more or less of who we are depending on how we control our freedom.

"ATE, PA-PICTURE!" While I was on my way home, I stopped by a small park along Ermita to watch these kids play past their 'curfew'. Then this boy stopped in front of the camera and said, "Sige na isa lang! Tag mo 'ko sa Peysbuk baka ma-discover ako!" How I wish we can all be kids forever.