Get Crafty With Me: Treble Clef Bracelet

Hooray! Another D.I.Y. project of mine for all the world to see. :D

I had a bit of time to kill so I decided to make a bracelet out of the felt cords I took from an old blouse.

For this post, I am gonna show you the steps on how I made my treble clef bracelet. Let's go!


Scissors, felt cords, a lock for your bracelet
(specifically this kind of lock because this is
what I'll be using, obviously)

Step 1: Take one cord, then create a knot on the round lock as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Because we need 3 strands, we have to insert another one. To do that, just take another cord and insert it in between the two cords we knotted earlier. Loosen the knot first so you can insert it.

Step 3: The outcome should look like this. Next up is the fun part: threading! Take one strand then make a loop over the middle thread as shown in the picture. Then take the rest of the strand you just looped then insert it from the back of the middle thread and pull all the way (shown in picture 2).



It should look like this:

Step 4: Do the same step on the other strand and thread, thread, thread all the way! Make sure you pull them real tight, though.

Halfway through, this is what my
bracelet looked like. It kinda looks
like a centipede. :))

Step 5: Originally, I wasn't supposed to put a charm or a pendant on my bracelet but then I thought it kinda looks dull without anything cute on it. So I decided to put a treble clef charm (because I just loooooove music!). The G clef charm was actually on a ring (before my brother broke it =/), as you can see, and I just inserted the cords across the charm to secure it.

Step 6: Just continue threading until you reach your desired length, then knot the other piece of lock to secure your bracelet. I don't know what kind of hocus pocus I did to achieve this, but at least I got the lock secured. :P

I made a tiny bow to make it cuter. :)

Here's the final outcome!

I'm still not sure if I explained everything clearly, but what the hey, this is a first. So yay me! :) I hope you liked this, guys. Until next time! ♥

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