Get Crafty With Me: What I Do When I Get Bored

Semestral break. I've been looking forward to this vacation two weeks before it even started but suddenly I don't feel so jovial about it anymore. Boredom beats the crap out of me. If I'm not outside running, working out, or doing chores, it's just me staring blankly at my laptop screen. And it's only been a week! Damn.

Lately I've been stumbling upon numerous websites that feature D.I.Y. (Do-It-Yourself) things. And I figured, "Reinventing stuff seems fun." 

So... in line with this post, here are some of the things that I DIY-ed (if that word is even plausible). :D

I actually cut this shirt a couple of months
ago for no apparent reason. I don't have a lot
of sleeveless shirts and since I'm getting
bored of wearing this as a t-shirt, I
transformed it into a muscle tank. :)

This is a shirt my mom bought me when we
were in Singapore last year (sorry, mom!).
I noticed that I haven't worn this shirt in
a long time so why not reinvent it into
something new? Voila, another
muscle tank.

This is made out of the scraps of cloth
from my "I ♥ SG" shirt, and I just
braided them like how I'd normally
braid my hair. The knot in this shot is a
bit messy though, but I already fixed it. :)

I usually throw away egg trays after arranging
the eggs in the fridge. But this time, I decided
to do something with 'em. I cut out 4 sections
from the tray and made them my paper clip/
pin holder. Right now it looks a little dull,
but I might paint them if I have more time.

I guess this is all I have for show and tell today. I'll update this as soon as I can when I have new D.I.Y. projects. :) Toodles! ♥

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