Time Can Heal All Wounds

Hola, God's beautiful people! :)

I'm gonna share with you guys how my acne problem healed over time (hence the title). It was a very overwhelming experience for me, though I've seen other people go through much worse acne problems. 

It all started December of 2010. I honestly don't know how I got them or where they came from, but after my first dance competition in our school, a clump of zits magically appeared on my left cheek. I think it was because of the makeup that I used. I borrowed some from my teammate—big mistake. 

At first it was tolerable... But every time one zit heals, a few zits will pop up again! It wasn't long before a new clump of those little monsters appeared on my right cheek, and then some on my forehead. It was the worst feeling ever. My confidence level went from 110% to -120%. Yes, it was that bad.

What's even worse was that people were paying more attention to my zits than to me especially when I'm talking. It felt like they were being distracted by them. Call me crazy, but it's true! Take a look at the photos below:

These pictures were taken way back in 2011. I may look all happy and bubbly in these photos, but every time I look in the mirror, my heart cries. 

After a while, I finally hit my breaking point. My confidence level wasn't the only thing that deteriorated. My self-esteem also hit rock bottom. I wasn't happy with the way I look anymore, I get shy when I talk to other people other than my friends, and I became really self-conscious. There were times when I couldn't take it anymore that I would cry in the bathroom or lock myself in my room. It was terrible. You can't imagine how something as little as a pimple can affect your whole life.

Then came October of 2011. With much persistence, I convinced my mom to let me see a dermatologist. I immediately had my first 'extraction' and it hurt like HELL. Seriously. I remember the dermatologist wiping away my tears as she was doing a manual extraction of my mini cysts. It was definitely one of the most painful things I have to go through in my teenage life. I had a photo of myself during that time, but I can't find it. And I don't think you'd like to see it. :) Not only was that a very painful experience, it was expensive as well. My mom spent a total of P7,000 including specific skin care stuff and some oral and topical medications. Thank you, mom.

Did my face get any better after that? For the first two months it didn't--because it doesn't work that way. Of course I had to give it time to heal. And just because I went to a dermatologist doesn't mean that my zits will be gone forever. 

When I finally started seeing results, my confidence level also started getting back on track. So did my self-esteem. Then all I'm left with were dark spots and pimple scars. They're not easy to deal with especially when they're deep scars. During the process of healing, I came up with a few things on how to keep my skin healthy:

1. Drink lots and LOTS of water! I know we grew up believing that we should drink 8 glasses of water a day, but the truth is, we should actually drink at least 11 glasses of 'em.
2. Get as much sleep as you can. A full 8-hour sleep is usually enough, but if you can't hit that, try to get at least 6 hours. As I've mentioned in my previous post, IT PAYS TO SLEEP EARLY.
3. Eat clean and green. That means more fruits and vegetables for you, honey. Avoid eating oily food! Eating oily/greasy food triggers the hyperactivity of sebaceous glands (they are the ones responsible for the secretion of sebum). To put it simply: greasy food --> hyperactivity of sebaceous glands --> more sebum --> clogged pores --> acne.
4. NEVER share your makeup brushes and sponges! It might seem a little greedy, but it's for the sake of hygiene. And make sure to wash those brushes every week, especially when you use them all the time. As for makeup sponges, I suggest you buy disposable ones so you can just throw them out after every use. 
5. Get your body moving! 30 minutes of exercise everyday can help your skin get the glow it needs and deserves.
6. Think HAPPY thoughts and always SMILE! Keeping a positive disposition keeps the stress away. We all know that more stress = wrinkles and zits, and we don't want that! 

To give you a low-down on how my skin is doing today, here is a before and after photo:

My morning faces! Hahaha! I apologize. :P

Remember, time can heal ALL wounds! If you're blessed with perfect skin, then lucky you. But that doesn't mean you can neglect your health, too. Always keep those reminders I gave you in check and you're on your way to a HEALTHIERMORE BEAUTIFUL YOU! :)

I believe in you!
Bea ♥

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