Cheap Thrills

Hola, beautiful people! 

Kicking off my new fashion blog is this post about me being a cheapskate when it comes to shopping.  

I'm the kind of shopper who goes straight to the sale rack when I enter a store. It's a rule of thumb for me, actually. I don't always shop at expensive retail stores unless they're on sale. And when I say 'on sale'they should be at least 50% off. When I have time to spare or when I don't have any deadlines to meet in school, I go to malls just to window shop. Unlike most girls, I prefer to shop alone. Not because I don't have anyone to go with (although that's the case most of the time), but because I feel more comfortable that way. :)

A few rules:

1. KNOW YOUR STYLE. As for me, my style is sort of edgy and a whole lotta bohemian. I'm a gypsy! I love wearing flowy tops, skirts, and dresses. When you know your trademark style, shopping will be a breeze.
2. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Some people buy clothes simply because they're cheap. NO. Always do a quality check before buying. Consider the fabric, the style, and the structure. I buy most of my clothes at thrift shops but I always consider their condition and versatility. 
3. INVEST ON TIMELESS PIECES. I'm sure this isn't the first time you've encountered this rule. These so-called 'timeless pieces' depend on your personal style. In my case, my list includes flannels and denim shorts.
4. LOOK FOR INSPIRATION, THEN RAID THE THRIFT SHOP! If you really want to be unique, then going to a thrift store is your best bet. You just a need a tank full of patience and you're good to go. When looking for inspiration, channel your favorite celebrity/artist or check out different fashion websites and magazines. When you finally lock on a target, it's time to bring out your bargain-hunting skills and shop shop shop!

Being a smart shopper can save you from splurging on things you shouldn't. I guess I owe my mom some credit because she's the one who taught me how to bargain hunt. LOL. Anyway, I hope you like this short post of mine. Gosh I'm soooo excited to post things about my personal style, my celebrity fashion inspirations and more! Stay tuned! 

Everybody loves a good bargain. ;)


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