Get Crafty With Me: Flower Crowns!

 Hola, beautiful people!

After a long, looooong time, I finally made my own flower crown and I'm here to share it with you! When I was a kid I used to participate in sagalas and I would wear these cute flower crowns that go so well with my gowns. Here's a little throwback for you:

Wore flower crowns before it was cool. ;)
I thought they would never make a comeback! I know I'm a year behind this trend but I'm still super excited to make my own. So without further ado, let's get down to business!


Here are the materials that you'll need:

You can find these things in a craft store or in any flower shop near you. :)

1. MAKING THE BASE. Measure the circumference of your crown by taking the floral wire and wrapping it around your head.

When you're done measuring, wrap 2-3 layers of wire around the base so it will be sturdier for when we put the flowers later.

2. LAY THEM FLOWERS! Now this is the fun part. Start wrapping the flowers piece by piece until you fill the entire crown. In my case, I bought small flowers instead because I couldn't find bigger ones in the colors that I like. I layered my flowers to make it thicker and more festival-ish.

3. FINISHING TOUCHES. If you want to fill the entire crown with flowers, that's perfectly fine. I decided to leave a space in mine so I could wear it as a normal headband. If you're doing the same, then you need some floral tape to hide the wire.

4. AAAAAND YOU'RE DONE! I'm a real sucker for anything floral, so this is a new addition to my collection. It just makes me feel so girly and bubbly and carefree!

How the back of my crown looks like

I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial! Let me know if you're making your own floral crowns! Tag me in your Twitter pictures with the hashtag: #getcraftywithB :D


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