Get Crafty With Me: Shark Jeans!

Hola, beautiful people!

For today's Get Crafty With Me, I'm going to share with you guys this new project of mine that I call 'shark jeans'. Yes. Shark jeans.

Basically it's an unevenly-bleached denim with lots of rips goin' on, and I'm gonna show you how to make one!

I've been looking for distressed acid-wash jeans for so long, and I couldn't find one that fits my budget so I thought, "Why not make one?". And then bam. These jeans were born. It speaks so much about my style--edgy and bohemian. 

So what are we waiting for? Let's get to it!


For the materials, they're all pretty basic. You'll need:

1. An old pair of jeans (must be 100% cotton)
2. Scissors
3. Cutter
4. Bleach
5. A large tub
6. Gloves (for when you make the solution. You don't want those chemicals on your hands!)



Prepare the tub, some bleach, and your pants. [An important reminder: For every 4 cups of water, mix in 1 cup of bleach]. And don't forget to wear your gloves! The solution should be enough to soak the pants, so you'll need a lot. When you're done with the solution, all you have to do is put your jeans in! If you want to bleach it entirely, you have to do it part by part. Unlike mine, I just threw it in the tub to make it look a bit 'messed up'.

Leave it for 30-60 minutes or until you're satisfied with the outcome. It was kind of stupid of me to forget to take a photo of the outcome because the moment it dried, I began ripping it immediately. LOL. ;)


I was inspired by Free People's version of distressed jeans. So for this part, there's a link below to the video in which I learned how to distress my jeans. It's pretty simple so I hope you have fun!

Here's my finished 'shark jeans'!

A closer look at this hot mess that I made. :P


So there you have it! I'll post some photos on how I would style these jeans together with my DIY floral crown (it's in my previous post in case you missed it). And oh, the reason why I call them 'shark jeans' is because the rips of my jeans look like shark gills. LOL. :P 'Til next time!


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