Remembering Sunday - #OOTD

I know I'm two days late for this post but what the heck. Remembering Sunday by All Time Low simply because it was my most played song that day. :)


WHAT I'M WEARING: Denim vest from Abercrombie & Fitch, maxi mullet dress from Cotton On, wedges from People Are People, glasses from Giordano

My boyfriend and I heard mass and served in a prayer meeting at PICC last Sunday. The thing with me when I have to go somewhere, I plan my outfit one or two days before. For me, this is something casual and 'church-appropriate'. I'm not the jeans-and-shirt kind of girl. I only wear them when I need to (e.g. required dress code, youth gathering). This is how I define simplicity when I dress up. About the glasses, I have a 20/20 vision but I have to wear it because I was really having a bad migraine that day and everytime I look around or turn my head, it hurts like hell. Wearing my glasses helped lessen the pain. It was prescribed so I had no problem with it. :)

Only the best candids by Ren :)

Credits to my boyfriend, Ren, for taking these photos. He only used my phone because these weren't official photoshoots yet. ;) 


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