A Little Procrastination

I've been doing the laundry since 11am, so I thought a little slacking off wouldn't be so bad. I can't believe we only have two freakin' months left before Christmas! Oh how I love the holidays (who doesn't?).

Anyway, another makeup look for y'all! When I have nothing else to do, I play with my makeup. I use the same tools because I only have one big palette. Then I can pretty much create different looks from that.

I tried to keep the photos as raw as possible. I didn't do any major editing whatsoever because I want to keep the look natural.

Just so you know, I never leave the house with my face fully made up. I just don't feel comfortable wearing a lot. Well unless I have a formal event/party to attend to, then I guess I can make an exception. My makeup routine only revolves around 3-4 things: BB cream, eyeliner/mascara, and a lip balm. But if I feel super lazy, I wear no makeup at all. :D

Here are my secret weapons: 

We're all beautiful with or without makeup. Don't ever forget that! ♥

Stay tuned for more makeup looks!

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