Beauty What? - Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color Review

I bought another lippie a few weeks ago, and it's from Wet n Wild. I've read a lot of positive reviews about their lip products, and I thought it'd be worth a try.

I was struggling on which shade to buy since I want to have another red, but then I wanted to try violet, so I have no idea why I ended up buying this one instead:

"In The Flesh" (912C)
What it looks like on the skin.

What I loved about it:
- The color is uh-mazing!
- It's just the right amount of pink and brown--for when I don't want to wear loud lip colors.
- It doesn't dry my lips, well maybe because I apply lip balm first. So don't forget to use one, too!

- It doesn't live up to its name that much, although I've read a bunch of reviews saying it lasts long. I guess it depends on the shade.
- The tube. I wish the product descends into the tube completely. I sometimes ruin the bullet when taking the cap off.

Other than those flaws, the product is actually pretty good. I'd recommend this and give it a 4 out of 5. :)

So much for my second makeup review. 'Til next time! ♥

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