Beauty What? - Revlon® Just Bitten Kissable™ Balm Stain (in "Crush") + Bench™ Foxy Wonder Woman Lipstick (in "Allure") REVIEW!

It's been AGES since my last "Beauty What?" post! So for my first review for 2014, I'll be featuring two products (you can notice that the title's quite a mouthful :P).

I'm not much on lip products but if I see something that I really, REALLY like, I wouldn't think twice on buying it. Now without further ado, let's start the review!


Bench™ Foxy Wonder Woman Lipstick and Revlon® Just Bitten Kissable™ Balm Stain

The shades

I purchased my Revlon balm stain from Bon Marche (here's the link to their website) because it's much cheaper (I bought it for only ₱360.00 or $8.00) compared to the ones sold in department stores. This is already my second purchase from their shop and so far I'm really satisfied with their products. :)

The size of the product

What the bullet looks like

I got this in the shade "Crush", a subtle plum shade. It actually goes on a bit sheer. You might have to layer it twice or thrice depending on the intensity that you want. I can say that this color suits any skin tone. And I mean ANY. There's just something about purple-toned makeup that fits every woman on the planet.

x I like that it looks like a jumbo crayon, like one of those twistable crayons from Crayola. :3
x I like the scent. It's minty. 
x It's long-lasting. I love products that stay true to what they advertise. It stays on for 3-4 hours even if you eat or drink.

x It's a bit drying. I know it has 'balm' on its name but in reality it's not that hydrating. I noticed that it dries out my lips after an hour so make sure to exfoliate your lips first and apply a thin layer of lip balm before putting this on.
x The packaging. I don't hate it, hate it but I just don't like it when the label gets scratched off the product. The same happened to my Revlon Lash Potion mascara.


Next up is my Bench lippie! I'm not a fan of Bench's makeup line but when I saw this at their store it made me take a second look:

The packaging. Cute, right??? :)
What's inside the box. Looks more like candy to me. :))

What the bullet looks like

For just ₱198.00 (or $4.50), I'm sold. Contrary to my Revlon balm stain, this one is more of a burgundy-red than plum-red. Another similarity is that it also compliments any skin tone. This is perfect for those days where only a bold lipstick can put that confidence back where it should be. ;)

x Long-lasting. PROVIDED that you apply them correctly: Apply-blot-apply. Don't forget to exfoliate and apply lip balm!
x Cute packaging. I don't think I have to elaborate this. :D

x I honestly can't think of anything!

I almost forgot! Here are the swatches:

Two different but gorgeous shades

I recommend both of these products especially for those girls who want to step out of their comfort zones. :) Don't forget to put on your most beautiful smile though, which is the ultimate accessory. ♥

Hope you liked this review! God bless. :)

Bay ♥

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