What I Got for Christmas! - 2013

Christmas may be over but my holiday spirit definitely isn't! This could be a 'blog comeback' for me since I don't have any recent posts. So here's a "What I Got for Christmas" blog post for y'all!

First of all I didn't make this post to brag about the gifts that I got because why would I want that? :D I've seen a lot of bloggers do this too (but mostly on video) and I figured why not join in? I'm doing this in the spirit of Christmas and I would really love to know what you got as well by replying in the comments below. :)

Let's start!


1. New sneaks! I asked my mom to buy me a new pair of trainers but instead she got me these awesome kicks from New Balance. And God knows I am not wasting these babies for training purposes. :P
2. Sandals from CLN. I actually got these for myself and I also gave my mom a similar pair as a gift so we can have mother-daughter shoes! :))
3. Metallic pointed heels from Guess. My mom got me these for my internship this summer. A bit excited, eh?
4. Skinny jeans from Human. I was itching to buy a new pair of pants that fit me like a friggin' glove so I got this for myself as well. :)
5. Audio Technica ATH-WM77 Headphones. BEST. GIFT. EVER. And talk about great timing! While we were on our way to Baguio, my brother broke my Apple earphones and that got me really bummed. I literally screamed in awe when I opened this because mom got me the exact model that I wanted and I thought it will forever stay in my wishlist. So thank you, mama! :D
6. Slate 2014 Planner. I might have splurged a little bit on this. :3 I actually spent an hour choosing which planner to get and when I saw this, bam. It screamed ME all over it. It was totally worth it!
7. One Year Mini for Women. My boyfriend got this for me and I love this book so much because there's new stuff to read every single day and I know that this will help me in a LOT of ways. Thank you, bu! :>
8. A new journal. Another one from my boyfriend, this came along with the book so I'll have something to write my reflections on. Thank you again, bu! :*
9. Revlon Just Bitten Kissables Balm Stain. I ordered this online just in time for the holidays and simply because I am in love with the shade. I'll be doing a separate review on this in another post so make sure to check that out!
10. Bench Paintbox Lipstick. Dang it, Wonder Woman. You definitely got me. And at an affordable price, I just have to buy you. :))


There you have it! These are the things that I got for Christmas and as you can tell, most of the things here I bought for myself because once in a while, we have to spoil ourselves for Christmas' sake. ;) But of course these are just bonuses because nothing can ever beat the greatest gift that I got this Christmas--spending the holidays with my family in Baguio. :")

Aaaand, let us not forget that the TRUE spirit of Christmas is about the birth of our darling savior, Jesus Christ. :) Hope you had a good one, everybody! 

Bay ♥

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