With a Bang!

I made a promise to myself last year that I will put my blogging to the next level this 2014.
It doesn't really matter if it took me this long to start. I guess God was just a little busy planning my perfect year. :)

Have a look at my very first fashion post for 2014!


I didn't want to edit the photos too much. I want them as raw as possible because I think they're more beautiful that way. :)

I actually got this shirt altered because it was too long. Now it fits me like a friggin' glove!

OVERSIZED SHIRT: Oh My Glob! (@ohmyglobph on Instagram)
TANK TOP: Forever 21
SHORTS: True Love
HEELS: GUESS by Marciano
RINGS: Wellmanson

For a little variety, I tied the shirt around my waist to give it that chic street style feel.

Gave Wonder Woman some street cred in this shot. :P

Too much fun ain't bad every once in a while. :)

Some candids for y'all! :P

I have to thank these guys for helping me with this! My new amazing team. ♥


PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Arien Polumbarit & Gio Llagas
HMUA (I don't think this is necessary but okay): ME! :3 
SHOT ON LOCATION AT: Manila Film Center, CCP Complex

Bea ♥


  1. Nainlove yata ako bigla. Tugs tugs tugs! Sobrang pretty mo! <3 <3 <3

  2. Bei! Wow! Pang-hollywood 'to :) Ganda!

  3. Grabe! <3
    Beii~ you so pretty :)
    I could spend hours just looking at your pics :)