Be My V♥lentine

Love is in the air! So here's a new blog post for me to share. :)

A new beauty post for those who love celebrating Valentine's Day, just like me! 

Quit your yapping if you don't have a boyfriend. Valentine's Day is FOR you because you deserve to be loved, loved, loved! :)

Now if you have a special date on the 14th; either with your guy, friends, or family, here's one sweet makeup look you can try. ♥

This is a sweet and subtle makeup look that pretty much puts the focus on the eyes because I think it's what people (or guys :P) notice first when they look at you.

I chose a champagne pink eye shadow as my base color and then highlighted the outer corners with the chocolate brown eye shadow. I also highlighted the inner corners of my eyes and my brow bones with a sparkly champagne-colored eye shadow.

Next, I lined my eyes with a black liquid liner flicking it just a little bit for that cat-eye effect. I also lined my lower lashline with the chocolate brown eye shadow and lined my inner rims with the champagne eye shadow. Don't forget your mascara! ;)

For the lips, I first applied a baby pink shade and then patted on a berry red shade on the inner part of the lips to achieve an ombré effect.

Lastly, don't forget to SMILE!

Here's the finished look! And oh, don't forget to define those brows! They always pull the look together. :D

Meet Beethoven, my pet lion. :3


Ring - Mix It!
Top - Folded & Hung
Bun wrap - made it myself :)
Earrings - Girlshoppe


I hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for more! :D

Stay awesome,
Bea ♥